Recently and unbelievably all the main big six companies – SSE, N-power, British Gas, Scottish Power and EDF Energy – have all announced 6%-11% price hikes. And considering some of the profits been posted you may be feeling a bit fed up with you energy cost increases, so now may be a great time to compare what the energy market has to offer and switch supplier.

Typically users that are on a standard dual fuel tariff will spend, will on average about, £1,400 a year after hikes. But the same on the very cheapest pay only £1,140. With possible savings of nearly £300 a year and with a little effort moving energy supplier may be the best use of time you could do.

The most easiest way to find which energy supplier is cheapest is to use a comparison site. All we need to get this process moving is for you to tell us where you live by supplying your postcode and a few details about your energy bills. It will tell you which company is cheapest and your savings will be displayed for both gas and electricity. If you don’t have your bills handy, don’t worry as it will estimate your savings. Remember the choice is always yours to which energy company you wish to move to too.

Why do we need your postcode? – Well depending on where you live will depend on the exact cheapest tariff that is available to you. But remember if you don’t spend this time going through this simple process you may be paying far more for your gas and electricity than you should be.

Here are examples of the latest savings available to customers who have never switched or for those whose tariff has expired meaning they have rolled back to their Supplier’s ‘standard’ energy tariff.

Ave. bill for non-switchers

(Standard tariff)

  Ave. Bill Saving Saving % Tariff
Cheapest deal £1,041.08 £282.79 21.40% Spark Energy ‘Spark Advance’
Most popular fixed £1,195.08 £128.78 9.70% Scottish Power ‘Online Fixed Price Sept 2014’


As you can see, customers could cut up to 21.4% off their bills by switching to the cheapest deal on the market currently available from Spark Energy – ‘Spark Advance’.

For those looking for the security of a “fixed” tariff, we’re seeing +25% of customers opt for Scottish Power’s tariff ‘Online Fixed Price Sept 2014’ which offers fixed prices until September 2014.

In terms of genuine savings we’re showing customers on the back of their comparisons, 63% could save over £100 and 40.4% over £200 (see below).

Year Month Average Savings Savings >£100 Savings >£200 Savings >£300
2013 February £226.25 63.0% 40.4% 22.9%

Enter your post code to compare gas and electricity prices in your area to find out what you could save.