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There are many reasons why switching your mortgage can help ease your financial problems. For most home owners, re-financing a property is essential in order to help benefit from the latest mortgage rates & products. In many cases home owners choose to re-mortgage a property in order to release equity. For a more in-depth look at Re-Mortgage Products.
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First Time Buyer Mortgages

Purchasing your first home is becoming harder to achieve in Today’s financial climate. Fortunately many Mortgage Lenders, Brokers and High Street Banks are working hard to provide flexible and attractive mortgage products for the first time buyer. Take a look at some of our First Time Buyer guides or compare live mortgage rates.
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Types of Mortgages

There are a huge amount of mortgage products on the market and for many this choice can seem confusing and complicated. Our aim is to provide information to you in the most simple terms. Please take time to read some of our mortgage guides and familiarise yourself with the types of mortgages available such as Tracker, Fixed Rate, Variable & Buy To Let.
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confusedDeciding on a mortgage can be one of the most stressful occasions in life.
There is so much to consider. What can you afford? How much will the repayments be? How long a period will you have to pay off the loan? Can you pay a lump sum at any time to reduce the balance? Where can you find the best rates?
That may well be just the tip of the iceberg. Confusion also sets in when you start looking at all the mortgage options on line. So come to us and find your worries eased, your confusion clarified. Our role is to find the best rate for you and your circumstances and we are here to help in any way we can.
All the information you need is here at your fingertips, literally just a click away. We offer you the facility to compare all the mortgage schemes on offer so that you can find the one that is right up your street, so to speak. It is so simple to compare mortgages on line and if you use our repayment calculator you will be able to plan your budget accordingly.
It is quick and easy to use and if you cannot find the mortgage you are looking for then we are here to give you advice. In other words, we take all the hassle out of finding a mortgage that meets your requirements. There are a number of different types of repayment options and again we will guide you through so that you can find the one which provides the best deal for your situation. We will carefully scrutinise all the information you pass on to us; listen intently to your needs; seek to understand your plans for the future; and take you on a journey that leads to a fruitful conclusion.
There are some pitfalls that you need to consider when taking out a mortgage and we are keen to make sure that you avoid them. For example, it is essential that you protect your mortgage and we can point you in the right direction when it comes to the different mortgage protection insurance that is available.
It is also our aim to keep you on the ball as far as the latest mortgage rates are concerned because these are changing all the time and it is vital that you keep track of them. The credit crunch had an adverse effect on the market, but we are hopeful that 2013 will bring a good deal of improvement and we will keep you up to date with any movement.
In other words, we can provide you with all the information you need. We believe we are the best at doing that, so you need look nowhere else.
ID-10028222When it comes to money matters one of the most important decisions you will have to make in life is choosing the right mortgage.
It is not an easy task because there are so many different types from which you have to make your selection and, especially if you are a first-time buyer, it can be a very daunting prospect. It is at such times that people appreciate every little bit of help they can get – and that is where we at come in.
Our aim is to make it easier for you to understand exactly what is on offer; guide you through all the categories, comparing like for like; and leading you to obtaining a mortgage that is ideal for your situation.

The first step is to consider the options available and decide which of them is best for you. The three main types of mortgage are fixed rate, tracker and discount. Put simply, with a fixed rate mortgage your repayments are fixed for an agreed length of time, no matter what the interest rate. You therefore have that added security of knowing exactly what amount you are paying and when it has to be paid.
With a tracker mortgage, however, the interest rate is set at an agreed percentage above the Bank of England Base rate and the interest rate payable will rise and fall in line with changes to that base rate.
A discount mortgage offers an agreed discount off the lender’s variable rate, with repayments going up and down as that variable rate changes. In most cases you will find that all mortgages will be offered subject to a maximum Loan to Value (LTV). The greater your equity or deposit the lower that LTV ratio is. You also need to consider the different ways of repayment and which will suit not only your current budget but also your projected income and future planning.

Take the capital repayment plan for example. In this case your monthly payment will cover the interest charged on your mortgage and it will also reduce the outstanding balance each month in line with the agreed term, usually up to a period of 30 years, so that you will be able to ensure that your mortgage is paid off fully at the end of the mortgage period.
Alternatively, you may prefer the interest only option. If you decide yo go down this route, then your monthly payment covers only the interest charged on your mortgage, which means that you are paying back less each month than you would with an equivalent capital payment mortgage, thus leaving you with more cash to spend elsewhere or to invest with a view to paying off your mortgage at the end of the agreed term.
The danger is that your property may be repossessed if you do not have sufficient funds to replay the capital balance at the end of the term.
We at will make comparative calculations for whichever system you choose, giving you a quick, easy and accurate assessment of how much you could borrow given the size of your deposit and your financial commitments. Once you have worked out how much you can afford we can supply simple mortgage tables which will show you what your monthly payments are likely to be.

Tracker Mortgage It always pays to look around and compare mortgage rates.
If you are looking to take out a mortgage, now would seem to be an ideal time, with banks and building societies cutting their rates to some of the lowest levels ever seen, and further discounts predicted.
The competition is fierce so you need to know where and when you can find the best offer. That is where we at come in. Because we have all the current facts and figures to hand which will help you come the the decision which is most financially beneficial to you. We can tell you what are the different interest rates being offered by the various lenders at a particular time. For example, right now lenders have a higher lending rate for the year and that is why the competition between them is hotting up. Some are offering the cheapest ever deals.

The best of them will be available to those people who can come up with at least a 40% deposit or equity, who have a good job and no credit problems, but there will be low rates right across the board and there is a strong possibility that they could get lower still in the next few months. Funding costs have been pushed down by Funding for Lending and some easing of tensions within the Eurozone, making banks more willing to lend to each other.
Bearing all this in mind it is important that you research the market to get the best deal as there is so much competition going on, and, whether you are a first time buyer, re-mortgaging or moving home, we at can point you in the right direction.

We offer a mortgage calculator which is a quick and easy way to help you come to a decision. Just let us know how much you would like to borrow and the period over which you would like to pay the money back and, taking into account the current interest rates of an array of lenders, we will work out for you the amount of your repayments by whichever method you choose to make them.

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