Bank accounts

You can scour the websites to see what the various banks are offering with regard to mortgage loans, but there are some deals that you will not find there. There are those that are available only if you deal directly with the

The extent to which this happens varies. Some providers will offer some products through brokers as well as deals which are exclusive to direct customers, while others do not deal with brokers at all, so you may be missing out on a good deal if you concentrate solely on what is being offered on the web.

In addition, some banks offer discounted mortgage rates to direct customers who already deal with them and these would not be available to you if you went through a mortgage broker.
Also, dealing with a bank directly has the obvious benefit of doing away with any broker fees to which you would otherwise be liable.

On the down side, however, you have a limited choice when dealing directly with the bank, in the type and scope of deals that are available to you.
Your choice will be restricted to the lender’s products only and it is possible that they will offer just certain types of mortgages. So, once again, that could mean that you would be missing out on what would be the
best deal for you.
As with all things, therefore, it pays to shop around. Go the direct route, especially if you already deal with a particular bank, and see what is on offer, but make no decision until you have also made a thorough
investigation of the mortgage broker web sites.
It is one of the most important financial decisions of your life, so do absolutely everything to ensure that you are making the right choice.