Check for flood, subsidence risks, noise & air quality in your area

Check for flood, subsidence risks, noise & air quality in your area

Check for Flood, Subsidence Risks and Air Quality in your Area

It might not be number one in your priority for buying a house but Flood Risk will have an impact for the cost of insuring your home. There may also be exemptions in your policy and you may not even be covered for flood or subsidence damage. Check with your insurer before you buy your new home.

Also before paying for a survey which should show what problems a home has check with The Environment Agency (England and Wales) and Environment Protection Agency (Scotland) websites. Here you can see detailed reports which show what risk there is and why. And better still it’s free so you could save the £700 survey fee and look elsewhere for your new home. The report categorises the likelihood into three categories: low, moderate or significant. These are used by insurance companies when working out your premium. There’s also an air quality map showing nearby pollution dangers like sewage works.

And finally a check on Homecheck could save you thousands of pounds. It  collates data from organisations like the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey to give you reports on all of the subjects above.

Again it is postcode driven and will quickly analyse the risk of flooding, subsidence and other environmental problems. It lets you check for all sorts of undesirable things you’ve never thought about, such as landfill waste and radon gas levels.

And for noise pollution there is which is part of a Government project to track road traffic noise, but is only available in certain cities.

Enter your postcode and I will show you a colour-coded ‘noise viewer map’, displaying how many decibels of noise there are at that particular spot.

All in all it is always best to be well informed, even if it sounds a little scary.