Find Local Sold Prices

Find Local Sold Prices

Find Local Sold Prices
It’s amazing how much valuations between local estate agents can vary. Now you do not have to worry because there are many websites that now will give you access to the kind of detailed data only banks and mortgage lenders had access to..

Here is our selection for the top three. All these sites take their data from the UK Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland. We would say it is best to try them all as information does get missed and some take longer to update than others and houses that have just sold will take two to three months after the deal is done for them to appear in searches.

zooplaThis site will give you all the information needed, plus it also highlights streets fetch the most in a colour coded Google map. Zoopla.

rightmoveAt Rightmove search for a price comparison report to see the prices for homes sold. The site also will show its original full listing with photos and floor plans.
nethousepricesEnter a postcode of the house you wish to check or street name into Nethouseprices to see which properties have been sold and at what price. You can even search by the age or style of the house.
ourpropertyFor Ourproperty you will have to register, but it is free. This site encourages homeowners to provide details themselves about their homes, though at the moment few owners have done this.

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