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    Interest Rate Reductions

    There have been a number of new mortgage products and reductions in interest rates this week. First to announce cuts was the Post Office with new deals available on its buy-to-let, fixed rate and tracker mortgage products. First time buyers

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    Buy To Let Mortgage Rates

    Can I still get a good interest rate on a buy to let mortgage? For some investors buy to let mortgages have been the success story of the 2000’s, anyone with a small deposit and good credit history was able

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    Discount Mortgage Products Launched

    The past week has seen some new discount mortgage products launched that have reduced interest rates for both new and existing homeowners, this is despite news that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) this week discussed raising the Bank of England

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    Mortgage Rates 8% interest forecast

    Mortgage customers are confused about what type of product to choose. The summer has seen a number of economic reports and news stories that seem to contradict each other on a daily or weekly basis. If you are contemplating a

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