Latest Energy Tariffs

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As you SHOULD already know the energy & utilities market is volatile with some energy companies hiking there prices after posting HUGE first quarter profits.
The upshot of this is that now it is more important than ever to shop around for the best energy supplier in your area.

We have compiled a quick run down of the best tariffs currently on offer:

Most popular tariff at the moment is from EDF Energy offering fixed rates until 28th Feb 2015. A little more expensive but we’re seeing 30.6% of customers applying for this deal making it the most popular through UKP.

Supplier: EDF Energy

  • Tariff: Blue +Price Promise Feb 2015
  • Average annual bill: £1191
  • Saving against ave. Standard: £71

The cheapest deal on the market remains to be offered by Spark Energy.

Supplier: Spark Energy

  • Tariff: Spark Advance
  • Average annual bill: £1041
  • Saving against ave. Standard: £222

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