The hidden steps to moving home

When it comes to home moves it can one of the most frustrating, worrying, stressful times of your whole life. But it need not be like that. It can even be an enjoyable experience. We have everything you need to take the hassle out of house hunting, selling and buying, so that, instead,  the whole operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Unless you are a first-time buyer you will have a property to sell before buying a new one, and that complicates matters. However, we can help you sell your old home quicker. All you have to do is follow our simple ‘selling a house’ guide, compiled especially for such home moves as the one you are contemplating.

We will help you determine how much your house is worth; we’ll take you through the agents’ fees; we’ll look at the possibility of selling privately, and much, much more. As far as your new house is concerned, we will offer guidance on the kind of property best suited for your particular needs, taking into account not only the price, but the location and the local amenities. Once you have decided on a property the next step is to advise you on securing a new mortgage – what type should it be; what length of time should you think of for the repayment term; how much could you borrow? All these, and other, questions answered.

When you are finally ready to move into your new house there will be legal documents to sign. We will take you through the process of conveyancing through a solicitor; looking at the possibility of doing the conveyancing yourself and thereby saving money; and then we will provide you with a check list of all the essential things you need to do to complete the move.

There is, after all, such a lot to remember, so all the better if you have a reminder close at hand. We are with you right the way through from advertising your old property to getting the keys to the new one. In other words we provide everything you need to know about moving house.