HSBC offers zero fees on a range of mortgages; a range of low rate, low deposit mortgages; and a fast and simple application process.

You will find all the different kinds of mortgages fully explained, from an overview of payment choices to types of mortgage – fixed rate, tracker, discount, etc.

There are also guides and check-lists to help you plan for a wide range of house buying, selling and moving circumstances, including guides to finding a property, first-time buyer, buying to renovate, selling a property and moving home.

There is even a ‘jargon buster’ – an attempt to turn a bewildering array of jargon into plain English.

There are, of course, the usual vital assets – a calculator designed to give you an indication of the amount HSBNC may be able to lend you on a capital repayment basis, and another to give you some idea of what the monthly repayments might be.

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